About us


Pro-Arte focuses on promoting arts and local Des Moines area artists, variety of services for business and individual customers such as commercial neon lights with custom design, exterior/interior murals directly printed on walls, wall dťcor paper murals, window and interior decoration, silk print on variety of items (t-shirts, posters, coffee mugs, custom design calendars etc) etc.


Our important focus is satisfying a customer based upon their custom input. We offer a vast selection of original art including oil paintings, reproduction etc., also original hand-embellished works from local Des Moines artists.


Why us?


Our uniqueness and customer oriented approach are our advantages. Customers will be able to upload their own photos, present their mental-imaginary ideas of the paintings to be done, negotiate techniques-design-colors, order the reproduction of known artists andpaintings, they will be able to see and approve the preliminary sketches and finally will be able to negotiate the price.


Why are we different from others?


We do variety of custom designs and prints for the people who want to express their mind or things they themselves are incapable of producing. Also for whatever we produce we want our customer to satisfy with it as much as possible.




Artists will do their paintings at their own ateliers.


How Pre-Ordering process is done?


We ask that you upload you image and explain what needs to be done with it in our drop box. We will take a look at your order and sketch it for you within 7 days.Now, if you approve artistís sketch we will proceed with the order.


What is the best way to contact us if you have trouble uploading the image to the web site?


The best way for our customer to contact us will be through e-mail, also we will have our phone numbers available for the customer to contact us if they feel they need to.


What all can we produce for the customer/business?


We will produce almost about anything for the customer once the order has been placed we will let the customer know if we are able to produce what they want in no more than 24 hours.


How it works?


We are using this web site to promote art, local artists, customer design orders and our business. We will offer unique and easy access for ordering process where the web site will be a middle man in negotiating customerís needs, specification, possibilities and price between customer on one side and ProArte E-Shop on another side.


How many artistsí portfolios we will have?


We will have for the beginning at least two-three artistís portfolios available for our customers to chose from.


Time to make?


Negotiable. It depends on uniqueness and difficultness of the customer order.



Who do we work with?


We work with variety of artist with different talent and technique to express their work and to satisfy customers want.We also work with each other to design and develop particular projects for the customer.


How long will it take for us to deliver the final project?


Depending on the size and complexity of the picture, murals, etc. our artists will have a sketch done for the customer in no longer than 14 days, but the final product to be delivered to your door or painted on your wall will be done in no longer than 30 days.


Shipping outside a local area?


Most standard deliveries in the continental U.S. are sent via FedEx / UPS Ground delivery and made within 8-10 business days. Customers may also choose FedEx during checkout with delivery being made in 2 business days.